Oh, have you heard about Dior recently?

Yes? No?

They have re-designed the Panarea Tote and released a newer version around February/March. But let’s talk from the start, how was the older version actually?

We have always loved the Panarea Tote Bag because the Canvas was extremely durable. Even after three years of use with care, this bag still looks like new, fresh from the store. Some people compare it to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull coated canvas leather, which is basically also very durable.

If you have felt and seen a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, you will instantly notice the extra thin leather. You might also be worried that it breaks, that’s why a good alternative was the Panarea Bag. It has similar spacious but the strap is thicker and thus carrying becomes more comfortable.

Now let’s move on to the newer Panarea Tote:

The upgraded version of the Dior Panarea Tote bag is released for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. This bag is made from Rosato Canvas and the iconic ‘Cannage’ stitching is entirely different. It’s more flat, modernized and structured compared to the older version. They have even changed the D.I.O.R. charm color, which was in the past in silver and now they are following the color of the bag.

The older Panarea Bag is quilted while the new one is more flat. It also wrinkled when you use it, unlike the newer version.

Old Dior Panarea Tote vs New Dior Panarea Tote

(Old) Dior Panarea Tote before 2015


(New) Dior Panarea Tote after 2016

Now let’s get to the details:
The new Dior Panarea Tote as well as the older version are both available at Dior boutique.

Update as per june 2016: the older Panarea is not longer in the boutique.

Dior Panarea Bag in Medium size: 35 x 29 x 17 in cm

Dior Panarea Bag in Large size: 40 x 31 x 18 in cm



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Looks like Dior is flying high with its latest Dior Connect Bag. We’ve featured the Dior Connect Tote a few days back and we know that it’s a must fashion staple but we’re giving you another twist to this bag obsession for the Dior Connect also comes in a duffel bag! Yes, you read that one right there.

First off, the Dior Connect Tote Bag is making a great connection among the bag fanatics for it looks refreshingly new. Yes, it’s like a breath of fresh air and might be the newest summer bag of 2016. It is an open tote bag that also includes a small pouch which is perfect for stowing your makeup essentials.

The Dior Connect Duffel Bag on the other hand is a cute bag to own! It looks compact enough to hold your daily essentials.

And oh, did we mention that both bags are made of thick leather with suede interior? Wait, they also feature the most coveted DIOR charms.






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Dior 2016 early spring clothing line Paradise stamp series released


Full of urban-style flowers interesting and bold. Badge prints decorative vocabulary and skateboard elements utopia of which: new Dior Paradise series of variety of bags and small leather goods, have shown amazing charming style.


Black calfskin Lady Dior “Dior Paradise” Printed Bags


White calfskin Lady Dior “Dior Paradise” Printed Bags


Diorissimo white calfskin “Dior Paradise” print handbag


Dioramaredlambskin”Dior Paradise”printhandbag


Diorama pink lambskin “Dior Paradise” print handbag


Dior Bubble white calfskin “Dior Paradise” print handbag


Diorwhite”Dior Paradise”printed silkscarf


Diormulti-colored glaze metalParadiseKey Chains


Diorissimo black calfskin “Dior Paradise” Printed Wallet


Very Dior 2NIvorySunglasses


Very Dior 1Nocher-coloredsunglasses



Dior Shades earrings


Dior Shades earrings


Dior Shades earrings


Dior Shades earrings


Dior Shades earrings

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Lady Dior Etoile Canvas Bags For Cruise 2015 Bag Collection



The Lady Dior Bag is one of the most loved handbags in the world – it’s chic, it’s gorgeous and it can make any girl scream.

Meticulously crafted by hand, usually made with iconic Dior ‘Cannage Stitching’, presented in different seasonal colors and for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, the Lady Dior Tote with Pockets was released

Now, the extra pocket on the front might not be your favorite, but for the Cruise 2015 Bag Collection, the Lady Dior is made with Canvas, in which I belief, is gorgeous!

First, it’s something different than the usual (ya know, the Cannage Stitching). And I belief it should be less expensive than the handbags made from leather. But it’s still beyond our expectation as the Lady Dior Etoile Canvas Bag has elements that you and I love. Let’s talk about that…

Notice the ‘Christian Dior’ print on the front, then finished with ‘Couture, 30 AV. Montaigne Paris’ – it’s like a signature from a celebrity and that will get you noticed on the high street. The colors are subtle, not overwhelming, but nice and casual.

The colors?

For as far as we know now, in pink, beige and black, with black handle finishing. And just like all Dior iconic’s, it comes with the DIOR charm hanging on the handles. This bag takes your breath away.

Now, the details are not published yet, we will keep you informed.


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Dior Jaune Vif Evening bags



If there is any rule to remember in fashion, that’s to hold at least one gorgeous clutch bag in your wardrobe, one that can be used instantly in any event. I mean, if you’re playing with your wardrobe and can’t find the right combination, then this clutch bag can save your night.

So, do you know how the perfect Clutch Bag looks like?

Introducing the Dior Jaune Vif Clutch Bag from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

Dior’s fine craftsmanship needs to explanation, they make their handbags eye-blinding beautiful. Mostly handmade, one stitch at a time and then finished with the iconic DIOR charm.

The leather of the Dior Jaune Vif Clutch Bag is extremely smooth, partly because it’s made from lambskin. Then refined in the color that stands-out and stunning at the same time, in fuchsia. This clutch bag is somewhat different than what we are used to, embroidered with beautiful flowers. If you zoom in deeper, you can find evidence that a lot of energy has been spent on the tiniest details.

The flower is not printed; it’s accessorized with magnificent flowers in crystals and beads, from high quality. It’s impressive, it’s magnificent, it’s art!

Dior Jaune Vif Evening Pouch with Flap
Size: 26 x 18 x 3,5 cm

Dior Jaune Vif Evening Pouch
Size: 27 x 12 x 4 cm


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Dior Mania Chain Wallet



The chain wallets are perfect for the evenings and the weekend nights, store only your necessary essentials and no more, like your credit card or ID. Then combine it with the best outfit that you can find in your wardrobe. Nothing can stop you from being glamorous.
A red daring Christian Dior Chain Wallet, beautified with silver hardware, it feels luxurious like it should be. The design is not only eye-catching, but also very classy. Oh, do you notice the CD initials, how many times have you spotted something like this on a Dior Bag? Tres Chic right?
A true statement maker, it instantly lift your spirit, preparing you for the spotlights and making the nights even more exciting because you will be flaunting effortless. Oh, it’s name? The Dior mania Rendez-Vous Wallet in Glossy Fuchsia, crafted with love and care, made from grained calfskin.
The interior composed of one zipped pocket, two gusset compartments, one flat pocket and 16 credit card slots. The chain can be detached, so you can change it into a clutch whenever you want. Measuring 19.5 x 10 cm, the chains are 35 cm. The Dior Mania Rendez-Vous Wallet is priced €530 euro’s or £500 GBP. The Dior Mania Evasion Wallet is priced at €400 euro’s or £370 GBP.




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