A bag that gets more compliment than the popular girl in high school, it’s been loved months before its release, it’s orange and at first-look, makes you confused whether it’s a flap or a tote.

I do not know its real name…yet. I also do not know whether Karl Lagerfeld has put a style code on this bag yet, however, I do know this – the first time we showed on our site, we got a lot of likes. ‘I love the new Orange Tote from the Fall Winter 2014’, is what we’ve heard.

And so, we’d like to show you how it would look like if you were carrying it in town, just to verify you made the right decision to put on your wish list.


As you can see, this orange Chanel tote is quilted, enriched with the iconic silver CC signature and embellished with interwoven chain links- very similar like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. But would it surprise you, if you know that it’s actually very spacious.

While it’s not advisable to wear it like a backpack, you can grab it on the leather handles and tote it on the Madison Avenue. Or if you like, hide the leather handles and close the flap to wear it on your shoulder like the timeless Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

It’s a Chanel 2.0, a new invention with a modern versatile style of the traditional Classic Bags. Do I know the prices, do I know the colors or the style codes? Not yet, because this bag will be released in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. You know what, we will keep you informed, like our Facebook page.

And so, what do you think about this bag? Still love or no love? Let us know in the comments.

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Chanel classic flap bag embroidered flowers blooming beautiful romantic


(Chanel) it flap bag re-interpretation of the classic flap bag with tweed fabrics, bags embroidered with large pearls and sequins, with white lace, as if blooming blooming flowers, full of romantic spring atmosphere.







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Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag in Metallic



We adore very much the Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, we’ve seen a lot of colors throughout the years, in black, in fuchsia, in beige, in white, you name it. They are usually crafted in caviar or lambskin, both leathers are lovely.

If you’ve been following us so far (and we assume you’ve), then you can’t have missed the Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag in Baby Blue, which has been released for the Cruise 2015 Collection. How can so small shines so big? The Mini Bag was made in Patent, it melts you right away!

Now, what you’ve been (probably) not informed, is that the Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bags are also available in (Metallic) Patent, in eye-blinding colors light-purple. We’ve seen how powerful the Metallic Patent handbags can be, how much impact it can creates when we carry it around.

Ideal for the evenings, perfect for day, in the weekends, the Extra Mini is built to carry every day and on any occasions. It’s an one-time purchase and definitely worth your investment. These styles are from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection and the Cruise 2015 Collection.

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A-Closer-Look-Chanel-Medium-Propellor -Flap-Bag

All right ladies, it’s time to up the game. New Quilted Leather has been released in store and it’s diamond-like. So hunting time?

Last week, we’ve featured the mini version of this bag and we received a lot of positive feedback (as expected). And today we’re going to share the ‘Medium’ size version for those that want a larger bag.

The Chanel Propellor Flap Bag in medium size is even more stunning. It’s like the Classic Flap Bag but with a complete new cover. The leather looks durable and smooth, it features a new CC logo on the front flap and it comes with the original interwoven chain link strap.

Because the mini version is priced at $2400 USD, which is cheaper than the Mini Classic Flap Bag, we’d expect the price for the medium to be around $4500 USD.

This bag is from the latest Spring Summer 2016 Collection we’re not certain whether it will be available again in the next season. So check with your SA for more details.

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We featured this bag not too long ago and Erika just bought one in white at the Chanel boutique. The bag is exactly how she described it: ‘Exquisite!’.

As you can see, this bag is a gorgeous piece. It’s a mix of the brand’s most classic elements that you will love. The CC closure is a new design, the vintage look creates the vintage touch and its refined in Chevron Quilting.

Don’t worry about the space, because it got plenty. Sling the interwoven chain strap on your shoulder. Expected price is €3250 euro, but check with the SA for detailed information.

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Chanel XXL Flap Bag From Spring/Summer 2016 Act 2 Collection


Introducing the Chanel XXL Flap Bag. The XXL Flap Bag is an oversized Classic Flap Bag first seen during theSpring/Summer 2016 runway show. This bag is one of the most talked about bags from the collection. It’s large size is perfect to use for traveling. Available in Toile and Metallic Calfskin which comes in Black, Bronze and Silver and features Ruthenium hardware. Although it is currently the largest size among the Classic Flap Bags, the XXL Flap in Metallic Calfskin is few hundred dollars cheaper compared to the Maxi size.

Style, Price & Size




Chanel Toile XXL Flap Bag $4,000.00 (USD) TBD
Chanel Metallic Calfskin XXL Flap Bag $5,200.00 (USD)


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