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Behold, the Men’s Givenchy Pandora


The iconic Givenchy bag is now available also for men.givenchy-mens-pandora-4

Perhaps, it could be considered that the Pandora put Givenchy on the world map. So it’s only natural that while the ladies enjoyed the Pandora bag slung across their bodies, us boys joined in too.


The original pandora sports a top handle that fits well enough in the arms, and comes with a sling that you can hang on your body. Top handle can convenienetly fall back giving the bag a bit simpler appearance.  Its box shape and supple leather leaves the bag softening into a diamond shaped sling that people have lusted over through the years.


I never got the Pandora bug. Mainly because of its slouchiness. My personal bag preferences keep me from the allure. The Pandora is an undeniably Givenchy piece though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to continue seeing it in circulation. So if the boys have a men’s Nightingale, wouldn’t it be nice to have a men’s Pandora too?


The bag is similar in every single way to the original Pandora, only slightly bigger. There is a more masculine and shorter top handle. There’s less hardware because of the boyish top handles, but retains all the corner zippers in the bag. The D rings and sling clasps are sharper and more geometric. And the grained leather is just as supple.


The men’s Pandora is a testament to Givenchy’s undoubtedly well honed edit skills. So with the lines blurred, I’m sure all genders can enjoy the latest Pandora piece from Givenchy. Hopefully this becomes a permanent in their catalogue!


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In case there was any doubt that the Givenchy Horizon Bag is the design Givenchyhopes will carry it forward from the popularity of the Antigona and Nightingale, the contents of the brand's Fall-Winter 2016 handbag lookbook should remove it. The book is heavy on the bag in two sizes, three materials and a whole range of colors, from neutrals to brights. The fist Horizon bags out of the gate were leather, but we'll soon see them in both crocodile and suede, both of which up the bag's appeal to me significantly. beyond the Horizon are new versions of the Nightingale and the brand's popular flat pouches, which get a colorful, metallic treatment in neo-Harlequin prints. Givenchy-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection Givenchy’s Fall 2016 Runway Bag Collection is something we always hoped for. Like an answer to our prayer, Givenchy made a statement that reverberated all throughout the runway with only one style that looks so posh and luxurious nonetheless. Onlookers were quite surprised with this as they were expecting for more but for us, Givenchy did great by showcasing their only bag design: a mini structured top handle bag worn across the body, made of genuine crocodile skin that comes in three classic colors: Black, Red and Brown. The luxurious French fashion house took inspirations from the Victorian era and the ancient Egyptians with a bold, modern touch for their Fall 2016 Runaway Collection. As the dresses, jackets and boleros are adorned with intricate and detailed patterns, we couldn’t help but admire the simplicity and elegance of their newest bags for they simply complemented the clothes without overdoing it. The mini structured top handle bag in black is such a classic that it goes well with any color. Givenchy-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection-4 The red one on the other hand is a perfect match for that Little White Dress of yours as it adds a splash of color to your classic look. Givenchy-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection-2 Roughly 24 hours before releasing its Pre-Fall collection images, Givenchy posted a video on Instagram that offered a few whiplash glimpses of Riccardo Tisci’s latest offering. Against the seductively sullen backdrop of Berlin, a subset of his recurring gang (Irina Shayk, Deion Smith, Leila Goldkuhl, Kris Gottschalk, John Kolic) appeared, united by an intimidating sense of style and director Matt Lambert’s skittish cutaways. In the spacious Avenue Montaigne showroom, meanwhile, the vibe was far calmer; here, the winter sun acted as a spotlight, singling out such pieces as a white lace-encrusted sheath, a sheer black tube skirt that nodded backward to Fall 2012, and—holy hue!—a fuchsia silk camisole-skirt combo. This wasn’t the only disruption to the binary black and white that ruled the Spring collection; pink sequins and gold thread formed a swirling floral motif on a nylon bomber, embroidered pansies burst forth from a black cardigan, and a motif of red flowers on silk chiffon seemed caught in motion blur. Also noteworthy: the return of a Givenchy monogram introduced in the last men’s collection; have fun finding the brand letters interspersed between stars, like a word search puzzle. It’s a graphic with staying power, whether as a knit or an embossed bag.
The same could be said for most of the collection, which eschewed street style shock value for nuanced confidence. Pajama suiting, an oversize striped mohair cape, a shawl-collared camel coat, leather paneled jeans, and double-stacked platform loafers capitalized on the classic without being basic. Double-faced pleated jersey and smocked leather and lace went even further. None of these details—certainly not the cosmic sequined and Swarovski-studded caftan over a vintage-inspired gown—would register in an Instagram video. But props to the sharply edited urban bohemians for setting the scene.
Givenchy-Fall-Winter-2016-Bag-Runway-Bag-Collection-3 Givenchy recently presented their Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. Only one bag style was seen in the runway, this is a mini structured top handle bag worn across the body. The bag is made of crocodile and comes in three colors, Black, Brown and Red. The brand’s collection is inspired by Ancient Egypt and Victorian style with a modern touch. Models were seen in dresses with intricate patterns, jackets and boleros while wearing thigh high boots.

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The Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 Classic Bag Collection is all sorts of beautiful. That’s why we’re giving it to you right now, with a special sneak peek of the iconic arm candies…with a twist, of course. Allow us to take you into the wonderful world of Givenchy!



Bring in the Antigonas! These medium-sized totes have been perfected for your convenience. You can choose from the Wool and the Chestnut/Sand variation to suit your needs. Either way, it’s breathtaking!


An epic piece on its own, the Shark bag is something you’d want if you’re aiming for that fresh, edgy look! It’s a boxy tote with sharp corners. The architecture on this thing is really well-thought of. Bravo, Givenchy!



These Nightingales will make you feel like a million bucks…trust us when we say that it’s one of the most beautiful pieces you can ever have. Take your pick!



The Mini Lucrezia is a piece that every girl will love. Whatever your statement – quirky, or laid-back – you will appreciate the design and craftsmanship on this thing! Choose from the block color variation, or the Lucrezia with a graphic print (peacocks are fabulous).








Pandoras, line up! From beauty cases (pouches), clutches up to the flap variation, this line of bags is always a winner in our hearts. What else do you need?



We also love the box chain variety! Pandoras are really something, no?



We don’t have information about prices and other details for these wonderful bags, but stay tuned for more updates!

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The Givenchy Pandora Box Chain Bag is as glorious as it sounds – sleek, modern and timeless, this bag is set to give you the time of your life as you strut out in the streets…in style, nonetheless. For the cool kids who love having it all, or even for the elegant woman who’s out to start the day, this bag crosses borders and channels different style orientations. It’s as versatile as it could get.

Textured black calf leather makes up the bag’s exterior, as well as a curvy yet formed, streamlined structure which is set to raise the bar in bag architecture. A bag with curves, how cool is that? A silver-toned logo, as well as a chain shoulder strap, make up the bag’s hardware. It has a push lock fastening and an internal zipped pocket, which helps you organize your valuables with ease.

Measuring 6” x 7” x 4” inches (H x W x D), get yours now for $1995 USD or €1259 EUR via MyTheresa.




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Fashion is all about personality and you want to be unique and wear exclusive handbags. And an iconic bag is an iconic bag, it’s popular because there are many fashionista’s loving it.

If you change too much on an iconic bag, it’s not the same anymore. But sometimes a little twist is enough to do the trick. Just like this Givenchy Nightingale Signature Studded Bag – it has all the elements of the original version. Oh my, what am I saying… it’s the original version.

But the only difference is that’s embellished with the brand’s signature on the leather shoulder strap, which is one of its kinds.

If you didn’t know that, the Nightingale has been around for some time and this bag is one of the fashion brand’s favorite. It’s as popular as a celebrity star.

This bag is a limited edition, the shiny studs on the shoulder strap is going to leave an impression on people’s mind. It’s a classic with a touch of rock-style. The strap can be removed or adjusted if you want to.

Made from calfskin, it features one zip pocket and two patch pockets inside. It’s measured 24 x 36 x 12 (H x W x D) cm, priced at $2890 USD via Luisa Via Roma.



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