Miu Miu New Madras Collection


Miu Miu New Madras Collection

Prada’s little sister is all grown-up! Just don’t think her any less playful. The essence of Miu Miu has always been that of a woman who’s old enough to know better but is too spirited to care, and the polished New Madras collection perfectly embodies that effervescence. The name comes from southeast Indian Madras leather, renowned for its beautiful grain and ability to lend itself to structured bags just like these ladylike, rectangular totes. Subtle, refined colorblocking ensures that the collection veers just appropriately far enough away from prim and proper, though. That wouldn’t do. With vibrant sunshine yellow mixing in with a dose of sensible clay, and rose pink relaxing up against a dash of tan, there’s just enough spice without taking away from wearability. And wear these, you will want to – every day. New Madras collection to be available exclusively at Miu Miu in mid-November. Shop the brand now on NET-A-PORTERicon.

Whether its our ‘thing’ or not, the Lego clutches made from Plexiglas, like the Chanel boy brick bags, are very hot lately. And if we’ve ever doubted and wondered ‘who would ever invest in a grown-up Lego accessory’, let us remember the price tag on the Chanel transparent boy brick with silver hardware.

Miu Miu New Madras Collection

What’s more? So Miu Miu just released their own plexiglas clutches and they want to differentiate instead of copy. So instead of drawing inspiration from Lego’s, they decorate them with plexiglas stones, which are applied by hand. The stones are put in a structured way, reflecting like jewels to match your evening outfit. The snap-lock closure on the top is made from Swarovski stones.
In the interior, you will find a zip pocket and a cell phone pocket, it also comes with a detachable shoulder strap to free your hands while enjoying your delicious cocktail at the party.

Miu Miu’s Plexiglas Clutches are available in different colors like yellow, pink, black, green and orange. Measuring 15 x 10.7 x 4 in cm (L x H x W).

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You know, a lot of us aren’t too heavy on ‘flashy’ kinds of pieces…but for us here at BragMyBag, we’ve made an exception for Miu Miu Crystal Flower Wallet On Chain Bag in our hearts! Like seriously, this piece is too good to be true – made with only the finest crystal Nappa leather, you’re sure to stand-out with this heavily textured baby!

This piece has a flap with snap button closure that’s sure to keep all of your personal effects intact. As wonderful design elements, it has plexiglass and crystal daisy appliques that are each placed by hand…flower power is the name of the game, then! Inside, it has a center coin compartment with zipper, bill and document compartments and a removable credit card holder that’s sure to keep organized divas company! With a removable chain shoulder strap with leather padding, wear it either with your hands, on your shoulders or as a crossbody. A very versatile piece bursting with so much style? Yes, it’s possible!

Measuring 21cm x 10.5cm, you can get your very own Crystal Flower Wallet On Chain Bag now for $1655 USD or €1250 EUR via Miu Miu e-store.



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Miu Miu Astro Running Collection

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miu_miu_astro-running-collection1You could quite literally call these sneakers ‘out of this world’, what with its name (they are called Astro Running) and enough bling to rival any star-filled night. A new release from Italian fashion house Miu Miu, they are also touted to be lightweight, soft and easy on the feet, combining the best of both fine craftsmanship (I can only imagine the amount of hours needed to sew the crystals onto the shoe) and functional sportiness (you could run in these shoes, though I really wouldn’t advise it).

miu_miu_astro-running-collection2Priced at SGD2350 a pair and available in limited quantities, you could put yourself on the wait list right now for this dazzler of a shoe. Available in at least 5 different colour combinations, they also come lined in matelassé leather for that extra touch of luxury.

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Zoe Kazan Chooses Miu Miu Sneakers for the Red Carpet


Zoe Kazan Miu Miu Metallic Cap Toe Slip-On Sneakers

Actress Zoe Kazan recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of What If in a pair of Miu Miu Cap-Toe Slip-On Sneakers. Casual slip-ons are an interesting choice for any red carpet, but I think Zoe pulls it off here. Frankly, I find it refreshing to see a little variety during a long summer full of single-soled sandals. You can find Zoe’s exact sneakers.

Zoe very much looks the part of “young, fresh new Hollywood ingenue,” but she’s actually been getting steady work in films since 2007. Her new flick What If is a rom-com (of sorts) that also serves as a send-up to the genre itself. Daniel Radcliffe plays her friend and potential love interest.

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Love it or Leave it: The Heeled Rain Boot by Miu Miu


Miu Miu Cap Toe Rain Boot

Rain boots are having a bit of a moment. A very strong moment, you could say, but definitely a moment. Unlike seasons ago, rain boots are now a chic, sought-after staple, and fashionable rain boots are certainly in demand. It’s hard to walk down a rainy NYC street without seeing a pair of Hunter boots, or any kind of rubber rain boots. Luxury designers have also jumped on the rain boot bandwagon, and leave to Miu Miu to excite us (or revolt us) with these high heeled rain boots.

The patent-leather-and-rubber design of these Miu Miu rain boots is definitely an interesting one. The drawstring nylon upper, rubber cap toe and patent leather heel give this rain boot a futuristic appeal. I never thought I would like a rain boot like this, but I have to say I’m smitten! The heel isn’t too high to make this an impractical choice in the rainy weather, and the thick rubber sole will keep me grounded, even if I step (or jump) in a puddle or two.

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Miu Miu 2013 summer new colorful bag models


Colorful summer handbags to popular, it is not easy, but Miu Miu always able to do this. In the new shopping bags with a variety of colors, so that re-interpretation of female beauty, will also be a beautiful summer on its head once again, the material on to a unique style of the new Madras leather handbags imaginative, and then made a special decorative material to highlight the durability of materials and yet very soft texture, the color, such as the use of more kaleidoscope kaleidoscopic, for any mix of clothing it is always easy to grasp.

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