Tote with Pockets: Bare Necessities


You know you need it, and you know the one you probably already own is worn to bits. Despite what many designers seem to think, most of us just want an easy daily bag to throw on our shoulders without a moment of thought. Something classic without feeling fancy or austere; nothing too specific, trendy, or overdone; and something that goes with absolutely everything, from sweet day dresses and ballet flats to ripped-up jeans and moto boots.BottegaVeneta_Gucci_Coach_RebeccaMinkoff_LoefflerRandall

This may not be fun Marni, but the brand’s serious side is just as desirable (and even more wearable). A structured tote like this is perfect for everyday wear, and still oozes personality from its bi-color combo to its removable straps. The bag updates the black and white look with tan piping, softening the style to ensure maximum versatility even once the graphic trend passes. This would make for a great work tote. While it’s not big enough for your laptop, it’ll fit an iPad nicely, and if you use the turn-locks to remove the shoulder straps, the bag can also be used as a document clutch, letting you jet from meeting to meeting in style. The zip around opening offers a nice view of the contents, so papers are easy to sort through. Once 5 p.m. rolls around, just reattach the straps and you’re out the door!
When deciding on which designer bag you want to invest in, you have to think very realistically. Can you save up the money for the total amount easily? Are there other items you would rather invest in? Making sure that you're confident about your purchase will help you avoid any buyer's remorse — which, in most cases, might come when it's too late to change your mind.
Its been said that the Lady Dior Tote Bag is connected to Princess Diana, and the story goes that, the French First Lady Bernadette Chirac sent Princess Diana the newest Dior tote as a present, this happened in 1995 at the Cezanne Art Exhibition. Princess Diana immediately fell in love and liked it so much that she has been spotted carrying this bag almost everywhere.
When Princess Diana received her bag, it was not released for public yet; Dior then quickly named it ‘Lady Dior’.
Throughout the years, we have seen the Lady Dior Tote re-colored and re-decorated numerous times, going from lambskin to Deerskin, printed with flowers and played with sequins. Each one of them is beautiful and I have yet to see a Lady Dior Tote that’s fugly. But there’s one thing that has never been done before, and that’s redesigning the experience.Lady-Dior-Tote-Pockets_1

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A bag that gets more compliment than the popular girl in high school, it’s been loved months before its release, it’s orange and at first-look, makes you confused whether it’s a flap or a tote.

I do not know its real name…yet. I also do not know whether Karl Lagerfeld has put a style code on this bag yet, however, I do know this – the first time we showed on our site, we got a lot of likes. ‘I love the new Orange Tote from the Fall Winter 2014’, is what we’ve heard.

And so, we’d like to show you how it would look like if you were carrying it in town, just to verify you made the right decision to put on your wish list.


As you can see, this orange Chanel tote is quilted, enriched with the iconic silver CC signature and embellished with interwoven chain links- very similar like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. But would it surprise you, if you know that it’s actually very spacious.

While it’s not advisable to wear it like a backpack, you can grab it on the leather handles and tote it on the Madison Avenue. Or if you like, hide the leather handles and close the flap to wear it on your shoulder like the timeless Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

It’s a Chanel 2.0, a new invention with a modern versatile style of the traditional Classic Bags. Do I know the prices, do I know the colors or the style codes? Not yet, because this bag will be released in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. You know what, we will keep you informed, like our Facebook page.

And so, what do you think about this bag? Still love or no love? Let us know in the comments.

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Oh, have you heard about Dior recently?

Yes? No?

They have re-designed the Panarea Tote and released a newer version around February/March. But let’s talk from the start, how was the older version actually?

We have always loved the Panarea Tote Bag because the Canvas was extremely durable. Even after three years of use with care, this bag still looks like new, fresh from the store. Some people compare it to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull coated canvas leather, which is basically also very durable.

If you have felt and seen a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, you will instantly notice the extra thin leather. You might also be worried that it breaks, that’s why a good alternative was the Panarea Bag. It has similar spacious but the strap is thicker and thus carrying becomes more comfortable.

Now let’s move on to the newer Panarea Tote:

The upgraded version of the Dior Panarea Tote bag is released for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. This bag is made from Rosato Canvas and the iconic ‘Cannage’ stitching is entirely different. It’s more flat, modernized and structured compared to the older version. They have even changed the D.I.O.R. charm color, which was in the past in silver and now they are following the color of the bag.

The older Panarea Bag is quilted while the new one is more flat. It also wrinkled when you use it, unlike the newer version.

Old Dior Panarea Tote vs New Dior Panarea Tote

(Old) Dior Panarea Tote before 2015


(New) Dior Panarea Tote after 2016

Now let’s get to the details:
The new Dior Panarea Tote as well as the older version are both available at Dior boutique.

Update as per june 2016: the older Panarea is not longer in the boutique.

Dior Panarea Bag in Medium size: 35 x 29 x 17 in cm

Dior Panarea Bag in Large size: 40 x 31 x 18 in cm



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Every once in a while, a designer brand releases a new bag that will hit our weak spot. And when that happens, they will market like crazy and introduce a few more variation of the same style. It happened before with the DIOR’s Diorissimo line, with Alexander Wang’s Rocco bag, with Balenciaga’s Le Dix collection and where did the inspiration of the Hermes Herbag Zip come from, you think?

Chloe Baylee Bag was the hottest thing in town, first seen in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, this bag has (according to Clare Waight keller) all the elements of the classic boyfriend bags. The first design could be used as a tote and as a shoulder bag at the same time, embellished with the iconic chain bracelet.

Now, the Baylee Collection consists more than a shoulder bag, it’s includes a wallet, the mini tote and now a full-size Baylee Tote bag with no strap, simply made as a shopping tote.

What can I say?

Less sophisticated, more streamlined and so much more chic’er, this bag is perfect for the elegant outfit, for work and even as your weekend bag. The size is generous, one large compartment with an internal pocket that can be opened even when this bag is closed. A two-way zipper is still intact, refined with chloe’s iconic chain bracelet.

For those who hate to baby their bags, the Chloe Baylee tote is made from smooth calf leather. It’s durable and easier to clean than softer materials like lambskin. Measuring 12’ x 15.75’ x 7.25’ (H x W x D) in inches, available in marshmallow blue and street blue.



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Limited Edition Liberty London Marlborough Iphis Rasta Canvas Tote


Liberty London Marlborough Limited Edition Iphis Canvas Tote

I am always on the lookout for new designers. Today, I came across the bag you see here. Not only did the look of this bag intrigue me, but the designer behind it did as well. I have never heard of Liberty London before, which I suppose should come as no surprise since the company has only been around since 2013. However, after reading the designer bio, I think I have a pretty good grasp of what Liberty London is all about. The company offers a reimagination of the 140 year old department store it is named for. The bags and other items are sold at the store, of course. But here in the USA, the brand is sold at stores likeNeiman Marcus.

The Liberty London Marlborough Limited Edition Iphis Canvas Tote is the piece that caught my eye and introduced me to the unique handbags this designer has to offer. The colors are what did it, I think. They remind me of Rasta-inspired pieces, such as the Dior Rasta Collection (anyone remember those?) from about 12 years ago. Not to mention the colors are very festive! I like how they pair with the black and white signature print. According to the description, Iphis is a modern reworking of the much-loved Liberty Ianthe floral design. The print is busy, but not in a bad way. I find it much more pleasing to the eye than some of the other signature prints floating around right now.

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Christophe Sauvat Keen Tote


Casual Wear: Christophe Sauvat Keen Tote

When I came across the Keen Tote by this designer, I admit I spaced on who Christophe Sauvat was. Then after a quick glance at the designer bio on Shopbop, I knew exactly who he was, and I could see the similarities in this namesake line from previous work. Christophe Sauvat started out designing timepieces like watches and clocks (of all things!), then later moved on to accessories, and in 1992, he co-founded the brand Antik Batik. Christophe Sauvat has also worked as a design collaborator with major women’s apparel brands including Tory Burch, L’Artisan de Luxe, and Ralph Lauren.

I knew the design of the Keen Bag looked vaguely familiar. It has a similar feel as Antik Batik, but it is a little more refined than most of the pieces I have seen from that brand.

I do like this tote. I love the heavy fabric. They call it basket weave, but it has more of a menswear vibe to me. I also love the beads and embroidery, particularly the red and black zigzags down the front. I get the vague impression of a southwestern pattern, but this is so much better. The tote is large, casual, and slouchy too. It would be perfect for lazy weekend day or a trip to the farmers market.

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