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Your First Look at Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2016 Bags, Shoes and Accessories


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Spring calls for 18th century Tian print shoes by Gucci

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It is attractive, and also looks comfortable. But it’s Gucci so it will not come cheap. The slip-on sneakers cost $550. This is not the first time that Gucci has taken inspiration from social studies. Time will tell how this latest design will trend.
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Unleash your fury with some Louis Vuitton Queen of Hearts shoes in tow! This collection is whimsical and quirky as it could get – we love how the label is so keen about the details, we forgot that this ain’t Wonderland! Before you go down any further into the Rabbit Hole of Shoes (we can dream, right?), you have to see what these babies have in store for you.


Queen of Hearts Monogram Infrarouge Ankle Boot
Size: 10cm/4 inch heel
Price: $1780 USD

This boot is definitely a showstopper – a grand design, marvelous print, attention to detail, what more could you ask for? This piece features the Monogram Infrarouge print, which was first seen during the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. The black and red combination had us sold! It has a diamond shaped heel (inspired by a Monogram flower) and metallic cutouts which are brought to life by metallic leather. Yes. This is the boot of your dreams.


Queen of Hearts Glazed Calf Leather Ankle Boot
Size: 10cm/4 inch heel
Price: $2110 USD

This glazed calf leather variation shares a lot of similarities with the Monogram Infrarouge, but if you’re more of the colored leather type of shoe lover (not so heavy on the Monograms, eh?), you will love this piece. Both varieties have a padded insock with crisscross pattern for enhanced comfort. There’s no reason to go out there in pain – comfort is not an issue with these babies!


Queen of Hearts Sandals
Size: 1cm heel
Price: €780 EUR

The Queen of Hearts Sandals are flaming hot right now! This sandal in cracked metallic leather and suede baby goat leather is perfect for both casual affairs and date nights. Who says you gotta stick with the heels? Our point, exactly. LV maximizes style without sacrificing comfort, so you’re covered!

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Louis Vuitton Opts for Sensible Shoes for Resort 2016

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Louis Vuitton Resort 2016_1

Last week, Nicolas Ghesquiére debuted the Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 collection in Palm Springs–very fitting for the elite, jetsetting clientele these Resort collections mainly target. While the dresses were breezy and flowing, the opposite can be said for the footwear that complemented these looks.

The shoes for this Resort 2016 collection were very structured when juxtaposed against the sleek ready-to-wear pieces. According to Footwear News, “The footwear offering for the brand was decidedly sensible,” and present in this collection, you’ll see sturdy combat boots, flip-flops and an architectural pair of lucite-heeled loafers.

Check out all the shoes from the Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 collection below!

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Louis Vuitton Shoes And Scarves Upcoming Spring Collection

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Security guards are standing on the front-door of the Louis Vuitton flagship store at Champ Elysees. ‘Please stand in line’ is what they recommend when you arrive. Is the line really necessary you think?

I love the Louis Vuitton store in Champ Elysees more than all other boutiques COMBINED. It’s huge, beautiful and it feels like a museum. Not only will you get the chance to see all-the-iconic bags with your naked eyes, but you will also get educated about its history. And the service is magnificent, there are abundance of SA’s and they are always prepared to help. At the end of the day, don’t be surprised to walk away with a LV bag.

If you decide to buy a good shoe for the upcoming spring, make sure to do it right. You can never go (too) wrong with Louis Vuitton, as long as you pick the one that matches to your personality, you are safe. Yellow sandal flats are always welcome in all season, these are timeless accessories. The pinky-heel is great color for the summer and company it with the new LV scarves.

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