Tote with Pockets: Bare Necessities


You know you need it, and you know the one you probably already own is worn to bits. Despite what many designers seem to think, most of us just want an easy daily bag to throw on our shoulders without a moment of thought. Something classic without feeling fancy or austere; nothing too specific, trendy, or overdone; and something that goes with absolutely everything, from sweet day dresses and ballet flats to ripped-up jeans and moto boots.BottegaVeneta_Gucci_Coach_RebeccaMinkoff_LoefflerRandall

This may not be fun Marni, but the brand’s serious side is just as desirable (and even more wearable). A structured tote like this is perfect for everyday wear, and still oozes personality from its bi-color combo to its removable straps. The bag updates the black and white look with tan piping, softening the style to ensure maximum versatility even once the graphic trend passes. This would make for a great work tote. While it’s not big enough for your laptop, it’ll fit an iPad nicely, and if you use the turn-locks to remove the shoulder straps, the bag can also be used as a document clutch, letting you jet from meeting to meeting in style. The zip around opening offers a nice view of the contents, so papers are easy to sort through. Once 5 p.m. rolls around, just reattach the straps and you’re out the door!
When deciding on which designer bag you want to invest in, you have to think very realistically. Can you save up the money for the total amount easily? Are there other items you would rather invest in? Making sure that you're confident about your purchase will help you avoid any buyer's remorse — which, in most cases, might come when it's too late to change your mind.
Its been said that the Lady Dior Tote Bag is connected to Princess Diana, and the story goes that, the French First Lady Bernadette Chirac sent Princess Diana the newest Dior tote as a present, this happened in 1995 at the Cezanne Art Exhibition. Princess Diana immediately fell in love and liked it so much that she has been spotted carrying this bag almost everywhere.
When Princess Diana received her bag, it was not released for public yet; Dior then quickly named it ‘Lady Dior’.
Throughout the years, we have seen the Lady Dior Tote re-colored and re-decorated numerous times, going from lambskin to Deerskin, printed with flowers and played with sequins. Each one of them is beautiful and I have yet to see a Lady Dior Tote that’s fugly. But there’s one thing that has never been done before, and that’s redesigning the experience.Lady-Dior-Tote-Pockets_1

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Princess love with bag Mulberry 2016 holiday series


I believe we all want to have a can can make it, the scene of the bag at work, entertainment on various occasions now, today small meet everyone’s needs, Kate introduces a very favorite brand bags –Mulberry .


Zhang Kate beauty field according to the town, a beautiful princess is not tired of touching it? Well and collecting everyone envious eyes, today small to give you a princess liked the Amway brand bags –Mulberry.


It is not even British supermodel Cara Delevingne also like to speak not only for its name with the launch of the brand Cara series of bags it! Have to say, this brand of bag is very practical and very suitable for street shooting da! Yes, recently Mulberry also launched the 2016 holiday series yeah we quickly Xiaobian look at the new bar.


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags
Kate on Mulberry handbag is very in love with da, just good princess photo package on the lot, and both match different clothes for each one.


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags
Type bucket tote bag design is also very simple and practical, took to the streets with a lot of things like babes worth a try.


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags


Mulberry Willow Tote bags


Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bags



Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bags

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